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Only $45.00, shipping included.

Please note: Until our online payment system is set up, you will be contacted
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Your Handcrafted Care Package will include:*

  • Grab the Gold Snack Bar
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Easy Mac
  • Trail Mix
  • Hot Cocoa packet
  • Box of Movie Theater Candy 
  • Chewing Gum
  • Little Debbie and Assorted Seasonal Treats
  • Chapstick (boys)  or Eos Lip Balm (girls)
  • Highlighter
  • EmergenC Packet 
  • Smiles From Home ball!
  • Card with your personal message
  • Wrapped up with a handmade raffia bow in your student’s school colors!

shipping included

        * Items may vary slightly due to season and availability

Special Instructions:
Please contact me if your recipient has any allergies or anything else I need to know to make your package just right!

Shipping (included in price):
Shipping via USPS Priority Mail, which includes tracking so you can let your loved one know when the Smiles have arrived!

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