Welcome to Smiles From Home – Care packages made with love for those you love. Give them a little taste of home.  

     My inspiration for Smiles From Home!  My sons, Michael and Will Dunn

  My inspiration for Smiles From Home!  My sons, Michael and Will Dunn

I have enjoyed creating “care packages” for my sons, Michael and Will, for years!  Whenever exam time rolled around in high school, I would get busy pulling together “study treats” to keep them motivated and make their task a little less stressful.  Once they left for college, I started shipping the packages to their campus.  They always looked forward to receiving them and were the envy of the kids in their dorm (although I always put in enough to share!)  Everyone needs some “Smiles From Home” when feeling a little stressed or homesick! 

Thus the creation of Smiles From Home!  Now as an empty-nester, I still send care packages to my college student and even to my graduate now working in the “real world”, but would now like to offer it to others!  Let me do the work and you get the credit for having some “thinking of you” goodies sent to your student (or anyone else who might need a smile!)

While my business is initially geared toward busy, stressed-out students studying for exams, I plan to expand my care package offerings in the near future.  Future themes may include holiday treats, teacher gifts, get-well packages and more!

My first offering is an “Exam Study Care Package” for both college and high school students.  These will be carefully packaged with items catering to students craving study snacks and diversion for study breaks!  Your student’s package will be spiritedly topped off with a handmade raffia bow in their school colors!